Hajra Afzal

Hi, I am Hajra Afzal, a computer science major and a hobby painter turned User experience analyst. I enjoy creating user-centred products for social good.

About Me

my story

Hi, I am Hajra Afzal, a computer science major and a hobby painter turned User experience analyst. I enjoy creating user-centric products for social good.

My journey in User Experience Design started in Junior year of my Computer Science degree at LUMS when I took my first Human and computer interaction course.It offered me the most intriguing perspective to design thinking and shed light on the principles of HCI.

Course after course, project after project, I felt more passionate about designing digital products that left a positive impact on the society. I have worked on projects that encourage volunteering, that make use of persuasive technology in online donation platforms and an Augmented Reality application that improves experiential learning. After Graduation, I started working as the first UX designer at a software house that develops educational products for the largest educational network in Pakistan. I feel proud to be a significant part of the first E-learning platform in Pakistan. As the boom of human centered design came late to our country, the positive response each of the product we rolled out received was overwhelming hence I got the opportunity to build my team in two years. I have also worked with a renewable energy company as a User Experience consultant and currently I am working as the team lead for Ride with Pride; an initiative to stir a movement that empowers women to ride bikes in a conservative and male dominated society.


My professional work

for PGC

User experience designer for EL by PGC. An app that is an all-in-one solution for all learning activities.

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Hired as a part-time User Experience consultant for an emerging renewable energy company. 

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with Pride

Team lead for Ride with Pride; the first initiative in Pakistan to empower women to ride bikes.

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Educational Applications

As a User Experience analyst I am leading a diverse team to redesign digital educational products.

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University Projects

My projects

Augmented Reality

Contrasting the learning effectiveness of augmented reality with conventional tours of museums

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Senior Year Project

The relevance of persuasive technology and Cialdini's principles on online donation platforms in Pakistan.

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An online volunteering platform to encourage micro volunteering in Pakistan

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A complete software development life cycle for a webpage that could create customisable gifts and shirts.

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