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Createes – Build your Own Custom things
Software Engineering Project ( January 2017- May 2017)

I along with three other group members completed a software development life-cycle and developed a webpage that could make customizable t-shirts and gifts. As a result, we produced the SRS, SDS, Business plan and Testing document along with a fully functional website. This project was very essential which gave us the taste of how a software is developed in the current industry. SRS, SDS, Testing, Business plan and supporting documents can be made available to you on request. The summary of the development life cycle is as follows.

Project scope

The purpose which clothes initially served has now been modified according to the changing trends of the modern world. In today’s world, clothes are personalized and are known for being objects of greater significance and meaning. Our project aimed at developing a customizable T-Shirt designing software through which our customer (users) will be able to make customized shirts according to their choice and preferences. This will enable them to materialize their thoughts and ideas in creative ways. Our users may have various demands, some people may want a social message to be conveyed, while others might want to show their fanaticism for a particular sports team, or a music band and so forth. In simpler words, our users can get any image or text printed on their shirts with the provision of our t-shirt designing software. Our software can be used by clothing firms to enable e-commerce leading to higher sales, since we are providing the customers with the freedom to make customs T-shirts of their own choice. As the recent trends in fashion have depicted the boom of unique ideas, being able to customize your own clothes will not only serve as a fashion statement but also apparels that will be one of a kind. Not just this but we provided a platform on which users can customize other accessories like mugs, key chains and phone covers. this will increase the size of target users. Furthermore, companies can also use our software to publicize by inserting their logo on the wide variety of items we offer. So our software has a lot to offer to all of its potential customers.
Following this we compiled our functional, non-functional, security, software quality and external user interface requirements. Use cases were made to have a clear picture of the goals we expect our system to achieve.

All of this helped us make our sketches followed by the lo-fi prototype.

Lo-fi Prototype:
Keeping in mind the constraints, system architecture was constructed and sequence diagrams were carefully made. Provided below are examples of some of the diagrams provided in the full length document.
Database schemas were made. The DB for CreaTees is MongoDB. It is a cross-platform and document-oriented database. It provides flexibility similar to  a JSON model. CreaTees major portion is related to real-time editing and customization of T-shirt, hence this flexibility allows for the data model to change and adjust as the application requirements change.
In the next phase, User Interface design rules were paid attention to while designing the final project. Colours play a vital role in E-commerce. Colours have an impact on the buying power of the users. We used orangish yellow for headers. Orange radiates ambition and energetic warmth. It also represents passion, originality, and fresh beginnings. Since our product is first of a kind we used orangish-yellow. Yellow is a cheerful and playful color that can really grab the customer’s’ attention. According to multiple studies yellow attracts buyers and compels them to shop.

Other than color, Normans design principles like consistency, visibility, feedback and consistency were paid close attention to.

Final Prototype: