User Experience Designer at Tower Technologies. (January 2019- September 2019)


Punjab Group of Colleges “The Largest Educational Network in Pakistan” wanted to redesign their application to enhance the student’s experience. I was involved in every step of the way as the Lead User Experience analyst, from requirement gathering, designing, development and testing. The chief objective of designing the PGC app and portal was to stand with the revolutionized world where the innovation in technology eases the learning experience of students. The app is designed to reveal just in time information, relevant course-based material for swift learning and necessary administrative updates. The main objective of including E-Learning in this app was to make learning handy and at student’s fingertips. The application and portal include thousands of videos recorded in a studio enriched with animations, MCQs and past papers along with all campus management features.


Once the new application and portal were launched, I designed the testing methodology of first conducting online survey on students. In this part we obtained 9300 students to participate and share their experience. 89.6% of the users were satisfied by their experience. This was followed by usability testing conducted by my team and I on 40 diverse students. These included a series of interviews and scenario examinations. The testing report can be made accessible to you on request.


The main challenge of designing this application and portal was the diverse student body of 190 different cities hence we tackled the problem at hand by performing design iterations by going back and forth and improving the design, bugs and incorporating user suggestions in every release.  

Honorable Mention

The casestudy of this project was presented by Microsft on EDUday in Lahore.

Android Application

E-Learning By PGC

E-Learning By PGC

Web Application

Download and Statistics

The web address of the portal is https://el.pgc.edu The app is available on both Google play and App store and uptil now has 129000+ new users in the last year and an average rating of 4.1.