iVirtue – Volunteering Platform
Human Computer Interaction Project (September 2016- January 2017)

For our Human and computer interaction course, my team of three under the supervision of Dr. Suleman Shahid decided to bridge the gap between people and possible volunteering opportunities. There exists no digital platforms in Pakistan which bring together volunteers and social work. This project revolves around the idea of Micro Volunteering and hopes to encourage the people in Pakistan to participate in it. The project went through all the stages of an HCI-development life cycle.

User Research

Design Phase

After multiple extensive brainstorming sessions, we came up with three design alternatives. iVirtue can be used in various situations where a person requires help or is willing to volunteer to benefit himself or the society altogether. My team and I created multiple scenarios and storyboards in order to learn about the spectrum of goals and needs of the users.

Keeping in mind the heuristic, requirements and usability design principles we chose the most suitable design alternative and created our lo-fi prototype.

Development and Testing

The lo-fi prototypes were then converted to hi-fi and tested with 30 users. Our team identified the constraints and improved them simultaneously. The measure we used to test the usability of the system was to identify the percentage of the tasks completed by the participants and percentage of errors corrected successfully without asking. The participants were tested in an environment where they were being video recorded and each click was being observed.

User research, design and testing documents along with supporting videos can be made available to you on request.