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Professional Projects

As a User Experience Designer to use technology to spearhead social and cultural change. I joined Tower Technologies (Pvt) Limited, a software company dedicatedly developing educational products for the largest educational network in Pakistan with a current student body of more than 500,000 students. A year later I got promoted to the lead position. Two years down the lane, as the Lead User Experience Analyst collaborating with a diverse team of 85 individuals, we have successfully revamped more than 15 educational portals, websites and applications. My efforts were to stand with the revolutionised world where innovation in technology eases the learning experience of students. Following are some examples of the applications I designed.

E-learning by PGC

User Experience Designer at Tower Technologies. (January 2019- September 2019)
Punjab Group of Colleges “The Largest Educational Network in Pakistan” wanted to redesign their application to enhance the student’s experience. I was involved in every step of the way as the Lead User Experience analyst, from requirement gathering, designing, development and testing. The chief objective of designing the PGC app and portal was to stand with the revolutionized world where the innovation in technology eases the learning experience of students.

Ride with Pride

Project Lead ( September 2019- Present )
Working as a team lead for the company’s CSR activities generation wing. I presented my idea of “Ride with Pride” ; the first female scooty initiative. To stir a movement, we are providing bikes for female students to hire for free along with an app that ensures their safety and eases the process of renting a bike. The service boasts features such as security center, tracking of bike with trusted contacts, helpline , notification and alerts regarding any issue a female student might face.

Educational Applications

User Experience Analyst at Tower Technologies. (June 2018- Present)
Leading a diverse team to redesign digital educational products and  conduct usability testing. Every project listed here has gone through the design cycle multiple times to ensure a seamless integration of technology in the education sector. This experience has taught me to work with different people and come up with solutions that enhance the educational experience of students and teachers.

Zero Carbon

UX Consultant at Zero Carbon. (April 2019- October 2019)

I was hired as a part-time User Experience consultant for a new renewable energy company, Zero Carbon. I worked closely with the developers and business analyst to design their website, solar energy managing portal and a dashboard mobile application for the customer. It was one of the most stimulating and challenging experience as it required a lot of domain knowledge and data interpretation.

University Projects

The Relevance of Persuasive Technology and their Influence on Online Donation Platforms in Pakistan

Senior Year Project (August 2017- May 2018)
The aim of our project was to study the effectiveness of online persuasion and the use of Cialdini’s principles of persuasion on the attitude and behavior of donors in Pakistan. Our research focuses on the comparative effectiveness of persuasive technology in online donation portals and whether the results of these principles vary in different countries. Our results reveal important strengths and weaknesses of all the approaches we adopted that could facilitate or hinder the effectiveness of online donations. We adopted interactionists perspective to address the problem at hand.

Contrasting the learning effectiveness of augmented reality with conventional tours of museums

Interactive Computing Project ( January 2017- May 2017)
I along with two fellow researchers developed an Augmented Reality application for the National Museum of Science and Technology. Unfortunately, in the passive learning approach adopted at conventional museums the factor of experiential self-learning is minimized. Therefore, there is a need for precise and effective guidance providing rich self-learning experience in museums, specifically, science museums. Based on Kolb’s experiential learning theory, this study develops AR based learning smartphone application, implemented in a science museum. The project went through all phases of user research, design, development and testing. Consequently, our project yielded great insight on the benefits of E-education and t-test results showed significant correlation between the learning effectiveness and the use of AR in Education.

iVirtue – Volunteering Platform

Human Computer Interaction Project (September 2016- January 2017)
My team of three under the supervision of Dr. Suleman Shahid decided to bridge the gap between people and possible volunteering opportunities. There exists no digital platforms in Pakistan which bring together volunteers and social work. This project revolves around the idea of Micro Volunteering and hopes to encourage the people in Pakistan to participate in it. The project went through all the stages of an HCI-development life cycle ; User Research, Design, Development and Testing

Createes – Build your Own Custom things

Software Engineering Project ( January 2017- May 2017)
I along with three other group members completed a software development life-cycle in 4 months and developed a webpage that could make customizable t-shirts and gifts. As a result, we produced the SRS, SDS, Business plan and Testing document along with a fully functional website. This project was very essential which gave us the taste of how a software is developed in the current industry.
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