Ride with Pride
Project Lead ( September 2019- Present )

Working as a team lead for the company’s CSR activities generation wing. I presented my idea of “Ride with Pride” ; the first female scooty initiative. Pakistan’s female population is estimated to be 48.65 percent of the total. Being half of the population of the country, women are still facing the problems of gender disparity, harassment and insecurity which results in some shocking practices in Pakistan. While it’s a normal sight to see a female riding a bike in other parts of the world, there are less than 0.1% females who ride a bike in Pakistan. To stir a movement, we are providing bikes for female students to hire for free along with an app that ensures their safety and eases the process of renting a bike. As a conservative society, the biggest challenge was to gather insights on how this project could be accepted hence there are features added like security center, tracking of bike with trusted contacts, helpline , notification and alerts regarding any issue a female student might face.

Android Application

Web Application

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